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  • Our pride in color -Products based on original color samples)

  • Since our initiation, it was colors that we have been focused on to take up the virtue of kimono and Obi emphasizing the presence of kumihimo and that healed people who wear and stare at Kimono. The original coloring with our unique method taking into account the market trends and customer needs like lipstick color established distinctive Watakei colors such as Sabiaka and Kincha. Since the initiation, we have preserved hundreds of kumihimo that we dyed and pieces of fabrics and we can reproduce the same color even several decades later. Fortunately, our products have acquired a favorable reputation with their distinctive and variable colors.

  • Originality in fabric and pattern)

  • Our unique products developed under the Three-Mallet brand, emphasizing coloring and braiding, have been developed in collaboration with highly skilled craftsmen, and the Three-Mallet brand products amount to 90 percent of Obiage and Obijime. All the kumihimo products are made of silk because special attentions have been paid to materials. In addition, we have concentrated on developing unique products including good luck talismans combining Obijime, Obiage and zodiac animals

  • Highly skilled craftsmen

  • Among our products, several Obijime produce a sound like that at walking on the snow when the kumhimo is tied. These require high skills for the craftsmen. It is Watakei’s pride to maintain skills of producing high quality Obijime of self-standing without supports and to provide Kumihimo showing complicated patterns. Watakei’s kumihimo products are made exquisitely with beauty, strength, the sense of touch, delicate combination of color and texture so on.

Our products

  • Obijime
  • Obiage
  • shawl
  • Others

Head office

  • 110, Nishirokkaku-cho, Rokkakudori, Shinmachi-nishi sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8217, Japan
  • Phone : +81-75-221-1708
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